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Nurture Thy Soul

Every once in a while, the static seems to settle and we’re able to lock into moments of perfectly positioned peace. Granted, this is not a regular visitor. But when we can turn down the volume of that incessant buzzing in the backs of our brains to experience a few drops of weightless, unadulterated alignment with our surroundings, those fleeting flashes are worth their weight in gold.

This fulfillment-making formula doesn’t require complicated planning or lavish accommodations. It’s simply a matter of exposing the root of what makes us smile, and then letting it get the sunlight it needs to grow. This varies wildly from person to person, and sometimes the simplest set of variables generates the most significant results.

Personally, I know a perfect balance of music, film, safety, isolation, and an empty to-do list can rocket me to a sweet spot of contentment faster than a rowdy party or noisy get-together, but everyone is different. I also savor the depletion following exercise-induced highs. The more introverted energy that can be generated from easy, unrestricted breathing and the simple gift of letting my body buckle from exertion, the more it resembles a reward from work well done.

Perhaps I wanted to write about this particular recent event because it is such a rare phenomenon. It’s hard to remember the last time I felt like I could lower the defensive shields and clear my mind. It takes a very specific set of circumstances. So when that wave of pure tranquility unexpectedly washed over me a few days ago, its presence was noted.

Unfortunately, like all waves, it receded as quickly as it arrived. But the cognizance of its normally yeti-like existence helped reorganize the possibility in my mind for its return. Life can’t be all candy, but we should try to take the taffy when it’s offered.

Adolescence Interrupted

Disappearing in Plain Sight


A shadow of a shell of the soul that once felt electric and alive, has now become a petulant stepchild, unruly and unpredictable. Fickle and feisty, it seems to march defiantly to its own beat, with little respect for the rhythm of the collective or the rules that govern the occasion. Turning its back on the gardener who helped it to grow, this rascal spits in the face of convention and sinks into a state of isolation better reserved for prisoners on punishment.

Motivation through coaxing or logic falls on deaf ears, while the routine ruts of a foundation built on quicksand continue to pull. Finding the route to the roots would take an effort of Herculean proportions, so the casing’s commander is forced to abide by behavior that drives a wedge between aspiration and reality, often losing the battle to humdrum habit.

After accepting any port in the storm, seas eventually settle. But the uncertainty wrapped within erratic shifts in energy does little to mollify a constant stream of projection, even when abundant support, reassurance, and logic are at play.

These opposing forces should find some agreeable common ground, not duel to the death for a seat in the front row. But cooperation doesn’t seem to be a priority on the agenda.

The brain is a twisted, torturous playground, delighting in the chaos it creates and laughing at the architect bent over his drafting table, desperately designing blueprints to slow the ascent of lava lurching toward the lip of the volcano.

But every sunrise brings another opportunity to attain that elusive balance, and the pursuit to catch a piece of the past continues.

Adolescence Interrupted