Blair Patrick Schuyler is in love. It is less a carnal fervor than it is a lifelong love affair with words. Like some romantic rebel, he has eschewed a traditional literary path in place of a passionate courtship with the arts. A chameleonic writer, he can seamlessly adopt the voice and tone of a diverse range of subjects, wearing the skin of his clients and channeling an innate ability to find the familiar inside the foreign.

As a writer, he uncovers the essence of the material and makes it shine. Having completed his memoir, he understands that the rhythm of language is just as important as the message. As an editor/proofreader, he scrubs a piece of copy with a practiced eye until it gleams. He has edited novels, business proposals, short story anthologies, legal documents, blogs, essays, resumes, and much more. No detail is insignificant. No stone is left unturned.

Blair is available as a freelance writer/proofreader/editor for practically any task in almost any arena. He is able to utilize his extensive writing abilities to craft original content across a variety of platforms and subjects, with careful attention paid to the customization of his work according to client specifications and requests. He specializes in editing screenplays and proofreading personal/professional web content.

Feel free to contact Blair by clicking the About.me link to the left, or visit his writer’s page at: http://about.me/blairschuyler

All information about his book, Adolescence Interrupted, can be found here: http://adolescenceinterrupted.com

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