The Wonder of a Wonderful Wedding

veilThe concept of forever feels like an outdated fairytale. A couple of wild souls, madly in love, galloping off into the sunset is an image better reserved for blockbusters and Harlequin romance novels. People are more independent and self-sufficient than ever, and holding tightly to antiquated rituals seems like an empty exercise destined for failure.

We are a fickle bunch, adjusting habits and personal preferences with nonchalance, our eyes widening at the glimpse of each new tech toy or sparkly distraction. Even friends and family can fall as casualties of our dwindling attention spans and warped priorities.

Marriage is the antithesis of the natural progression of modern human nature. But, damn, sometimes it just feels so right.

Recently, I attended the wedding of two close friends who are so freakishly and fundamentally aligned, it’s almost unimaginable. They epitomize the notion of best friends as lovers and the complementary nature of their bond is what everyone secretly dreams about and openly envies. All those mushy, gushy, “meant to be” declarations are actually accurate.

They are the kind of couple that can simultaneously make you feel hope for their future and pessimism for your present. They set the bar at an uncomfortably unattainable height, and our necks are sore from the strain. But the momentary, fuel-injected feeling that accompanies a perfect, universal pairing is worth the pain.

I have never subscribed to the belief that anything lasts eternally. Honestly, I tend to lean quite heavily in the opposite direction. But, watching two individuals stand before their friends and family to honor the essence of a ceremony, uncovering the beating heart beneath the pomp and circumstance, was a privilege I am grateful to have had.

2 thoughts on “The Wonder of a Wonderful Wedding”

  1. How lovely, Blair. Last month I was in Wisconsin and made my annual pilgrimage up to the shores of Lake Superior to celebrate my beloved uncle’s birthday (91 this year!) He and Aunt Joyce reside together in a retirement facility and still express their love for one another very genuinely; he calls her “my bride.” They have been together 66 years, since Uncle Dale hitchhiked in the snow across Wisconsin in order to “make it to the church on time.” I am still a believer, in love, in commitment, and fervently wish that my own husband hadn’t left us so soon.


    1. Thank you for sharing your lovely words, Ellen. I know it can’t be easy to think of the time lost. You are so lucky to have children who can pull your focus away from that sadness. Sending you my best and wishing you well!


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